In October 2011, in response to the occupation of Zucotti Park in New York City by Occupy Wall Street, members of Occupy Minneapolis occupied the Hennepin Government Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, renaming it The People’s Plaza. Hearing of this action, people from all over the Saint Paul-Minneapolis area and beyond gathered at The People’s Plaza to discuss and start to formulate the issues that motivated us: income inequality, fraud on Wall Street, corruption in government, home mortgage foreclosures, college tuition debt, a responsible and humane U.S. foreign policy, a sustainable economy, safe food, clean water, women’s rights, racial equality, LGBT rights, and so much more. It was a stimulating and encouraging time when common interests where found and solidarity established. It was also a brief time, as the encampment there was made illegal by the city and removed by the police. Although the Occupy presence at The People’s Plaza was dismantled, the spirit that arose from it was not destroyed and continues today in a variety of voices and actions.