Over 20,000 people rallied in support of Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic Party candidate for president at the RiverCentre in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. The crowd was enthusiastic and enjoyed Bernie’s message that we the people can no longer allow the economy to be rigged in favor of the billionaires. Wealth inequality must be reduced for the good, not only of the country, but for democracy. Students should be able to attend college without graduating with crushing debt that prohibits them from living a decent life. Among the many other popular things Bernie said was that we, as a nation, must work towards a single-payer healthcare system. Senator Sanders called for nothing less than a “political revolution” to ensure these goals were met.

Everyone in the crowd was “Feeling the Bern,” but Bernie reiterated his now common refrain that he, that no president, can accomplish what needs to be accomplished alone. We must build a popular movement of political awake and aware people to push for major reforms in these and many other areas of vital concern to the American people who are suffering for a lack of progress on this issues.