Birdie Sanders in Portland, Washington


Birdie for Vice President (Veep, Veep)

Occupy Saint Paul renews its endorsement for Bernie Sanders. Even though its support of him and his candidacy for President of the United States has never flagged, it is more important than ever to promote Bernie Sanders as a champion of the American people and of the people of the world. Bernie Sanders’ political revolution takes many of the Occupy movement’s core issues: economic justice and financial reform, climate change, equality for women, and an end to institutional racism to heart in his campaign. His political revolution is the revolution Occupy seeks. The two, the movement and the man, are as closely linked as any in modern political history and we fervently hope Bernie succeeds in winning the Democratic Party’s nomination for president and then the general election. Birds even have endorsed him, a symbolic gesture from nature itself that we, all living creatures, pin our hopes on him and the message he takes from Occupy and that he continues to spread to the American people and the American political process.