Nothing will change until we get money out of politics. OSP supports Move to Amend in passing a constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people and money is not speech.

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Occupy Saint Paul meets regularly to discuss the current state of our economy, culture, and political system. We evidence the change we wish to see in the nation and the world by attending events and supporting organizations that fit our progressive vision of a better world.

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Occupy Saint Paul began in October 2011 in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement when it occupied Zucotti Park in New York City 17 September 2011.

We continue to work for income equality, a sustainable environment, equal rights, democracy, peace, and all things that make a better world.

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Clinton v. Sanders


Clinton v. Sanders: Democrats, Please Do Your Homework! As of 02/25/2016 By Nick Kalambokidis, Stillwater, MN

Blunt Talk About Bernie


Occupy Saint Paul member, Jeff Clark, talks straight to the voter, especially the undecided

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Occupy Wall Street
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